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bjb_interfaith's Journal

Building Jewish Bridges:Bay Area Interfaith
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An interfaith relationship is one in which both partners come from different religious backgrounds.
According to a recent population study, there are more than 125,000 Jews in the East Bay, and most of them are living in Interfaith homes. Raising an interfaith family and growing up in an interfaith household can be quite an interesting and challenging journey, but Building Jewish Bridges is here to help by providing a safe place for couples and families to explore their choices.

Serving interfaith homes in the Bay Area, Building Jewish Bridges groups offer a process of self-examination that leads to better understanding of your own and your partner's beliefs and attitudes. Listening to others in your group will stimulate ideas that will help you shape your own decisions.

We also offer educational and supportive workshops throughout the bay area for parents and adult children of interfaith families who are seeking to develop skills in family interaction. All workshops offer opportunities to explore Jewish life.

You do not have to be Jewish in order to join in on events and workshops, all are welcome.
Workshops can provide a fun and comfortable environment in which Jews and non-Jews can learn about the traditions and rituals of Jewish life. From holiday how-to workshops to workshops on lifecycle rituals (bris/ritual circumcision, bar/bat mitzvah, weddings, sitting shiva in the house of mourning), anyone can learn the many forms of Jewish observance.

Joining our community will give you access to our current event postings, and also allow members to share stories, ask questions and discuss issues of interest.

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